Winter is Coming
League of Legends

Experience the clash of the best teams and players in the winter city of Québec at the Clash Gaming Tournament 2017.

Cheer for your favorite team

Take part to the epic duels that the best teams will be facing by cheering them as they undergo insane challenges in the North! 8 teams will be facing each other, giving you plenty of action to watch and bring back memories home.

Meet your favorite players

Don't miss your chance to talk freely with your favorite players after cheering them during their games. The challenges awaiting them at the Clash Gaming tournament will surely give you quite a bit to talk about!

Epic stadium

The Centre Vidéotron, where all the action will be during the event, is a very modern stadium able to host more than 14,000 spectators! This is the place to be to get a taste of the real eSports experience.

Experience the wonders of winter

The Clash Gaming League tournament takes place in Québec, the city of snow. Make sure to visit some of our renowned places such as the "Hôtel de Glace", which is only available during a limited period of the year... During which the event is taking place! Or enjoy some of our famous "Poutine". The Clash Gaming experience goes way beyond the walls of the stadium, make sure to enjoy it to its fullest!